How to treat urethritis in women and men

Urethritis is an infectious disease, often occurs in chronic form. Symptoms may disturb severely, and sometimes it's not. The disease affected both men and women equally.

How to treat urethritis can be solved only by a specialist after the test. Therapy is long and difficult. In the case of infection, treatment should not only the sick person but also the sexual partner.

Non-specific urethritis

Causes of

Before to tackle the disease should find out why it appeared. Only after you have established the cause you can talk about the adequate treatment. There are several reasons which can develop the disease.

Often, urethritis is of infective origin. Pathogens enter the body of a healthy person through sexual contact or the use of other people's personal items. A condom is not always a hundred percent guarantee that contamination will not occur.

Non-infectious origin – urethritis in this case not transmitted by sexual contact. The cause of the infection in this case are poorly treated medical instruments, allergies, injury of the urethra, and so on.


The main symptom of the disease – pain when urinating. It is advisable at this stage to go to a medical facility as a high probability of development of inflammatory process. If you ignore the symptoms, urination will be allocated pus. In some cases, the outer urethra much inflamed.

Other signs:

  1. Total urethritis – inflammation in the urethra. The symptoms may somewhat resemble prostatitis. If untreated, the symptoms after some time will disappear, but then will be followed by serious complications.
  2. Acute urethritis – sharp urination pain and burning sensation. The urethra is bright red, there is swelling. From the urethra a strong selection.
  3. Subacute – discharge from the urethra in small amounts or absent altogether. Urine has a transparent color, sometimes purulent thread.
  4. The chronic form can develop if untreated. Patients complain of neurotic phenomena, from the urethra slight discharge.

Many people confuse urethritis and prostatitis, as both diseases are characterized by pain when urinating. Engage in self-diagnosis is unacceptable. To take any actions for the treatment is also not necessary.

Bacteria and urethritis

Most patients do not know to what doctor to address at emergence of such symptoms. Those who often engages in questionable sexual contact, it is recommended to first visit a specialist. In the presence of the partner constantly to apply to a gynecologist or urologist.

General guidelines

How to treat urethritis solves only a doctor. For eliminating viral, fungal and bacterial urethritis, drugs are selected based on the sensitivity of microorganisms to them.

Pathogenic therapy includes those activities that are aimed at addressing anatomical defects in urethra and adjacent organs. Treatment may include physical therapy techniques, medication. Sometimes use not only traditional medicine, but also folk remedies.

In the acute form of the disease patients are forbidden to have sex, especially if there is no condom. In addition, you must follow a proper diet. If there are signs of complications all patients hospitalitynet.

There are also certain principles of management of patients with:

  1. Examination of the patient. It is important to know if there are other diseases or infection, if present, treatment should be in several directions.
  2. Therapeutic interventions. In each case, selected individual scheme of treatment taking into account the stage of the disease, age of the patient and so on.

Between doctor and patient should be a trust relationship, so the treatment is more successful.

Treatment bacterial forms

Bacterial urethritis has several forms of development, each of them has its own characteristics in the treatment.

Gonorrheal urethritis

Than treating gonorrheal urethritis in men and women? Disease refers to the process of Oncology treatment needs from both partners, regardless of whether there are complaints or not.

The main treatment is antibiotics. For uncomplicated process, there are several treatment regimens.

Used and local treatment, in this case, use antiseptic with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action. All patients without exception are immune-stimulating therapy, it is necessary to increase the body's defenses.

Treatment of urethritis

Criteria of cure

In order to ensure that therapy was effective and the patient is healthy, should be undertaken provocative tests. Two weeks later, after I had finished the course of medication, examined prostate and seminal vesicles.

If the test results there is no gonococcus in the urethra is injected the silver nitrate, is placed intramuscular vaccine against the pathogen. Thus, it is possible to identify infectious agent.

After provocative samples of the harvested material through 24-48-72 hours. If the gonococcus was not found, re-examination is carried out in a month.

Chlamydial urethritis

How to treat chlamydial urethritis? Chlamydia is a common cause of what is occurring Neisseria urethritis. A feature of the disease is that symptoms often do not exist, the process is complicated.

Used for the treatment of immune-boosting and antibacterial drugs.

Gardnerella urethritis

The disease is more characteristic for women, in that case, if the vagina is infected with the microorganism, that is bacterial vaginosis. Through sexual contact and pathogen spread easily, that is why men can get infected can.

Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma urethritis

Forms of the disease occur chronically. Pathogens are often found in men, often it can cause many complications – vesiculitis and prostatitis. For the treatment of antibiotics from the group of tetracyclines or macrolides.

A few months after treatment, the patients undergo follow-up examination. In the presence of precipitating factors the disease may recur.

Treatment of viral urethritis

Just as in the previous case, there are several forms of the disease, treatment may vary.

Herpetic urethritis

Infection occurs the herpes virus of the second type, is transmitted by sexual contact. To infestation may occur even if the sick person the symptoms.

Bacteria causing gonorrheal urethritis

The treatment of this form difficult and time-consuming. The difficulty lies in the fact that the disease may occur secretly and it is not always easy to identify.

For treatment use of antiviral drugs. If treatment was not enough and symptoms still persist, it will continue.

Treatment of fungal urethritis

This form is not common, usually we are talking about those patients who suffer from diabetes or long antibiotics. For the treatment are local treatments.

At the discretion of the attending physician may be administered drugs for oral administration.

Treatment of Trichomonas urethritis

Trichomonas is a common pathogen of the disease, is transmitted mainly by sexual contact. In women, the infectious agent lives on the walls of the vagina, in men in the seminal vesicles and the prostate gland. Often, the disease occurs in a latent form.

Interesting! In men, the disease appears a few weeks after infection. Worried about itching, discharge.

Periods of relapse are often replaced by phases of remission. One of the most frequent complications after that – prostatitis.

Can also be applied traditional methods of treatment, but only after consultation with your doctor.

Control cure

Treatment needs both partners. After completion of treatment after a certain period of time, a second study:

  • two weeks after treatment;
  • women are screened at three of the menstrual cycle;
  • men every three months.

How to treat cystitis and urethritis in women can be solved only by the doctor, neither of which the self cannot go and speeches.

Possible complications

Urethritis is an insidious and unpleasant disease, it not only has the ability to be asymptomatic, but may cause the development of numerous complications.

So, what can lead urethritis:

  • vesiculitis – an inflammatory process affecting the seminal vesicles;
  • epididymitis – inflammation in the epididymis;
  • cystitis is an inflammation in the bladder;
  • prostatitis – inflamed prostate gland;
  • phimosis – the ring of the foreskin is narrowed;
  • balanoposthitis – inflammation of the glans penis and foreskin.
The diagnosis after examination


The main prevention of urethritis is to minimize all factors that can disrupt the microflora.

Include here the following:

  • improper diet – you should minimize the use of harmful products;
  • stress;
  • genital infections should be treated in time;
  • when you have sex you need to use contraception;
  • observance of rules of personal hygiene;
  • sex life should be regular.

Special attention should be paid to the hormonal background, many diseases develop because it is broken. In the sexual life must be respected hygiene. For example, to engage in vaginal sex after anal is possible only after a thorough cleaning.

Urethritis during pregnancy can be dangerous because the disease will be passed on to the child. To protect themselves from illness completely, of course does not work, but prevention measures and timely medical check-up will reduce the risk of infection to a minimum.