Nutrition in case of BPH

If diagnosed with a representative adenoma of the prostate, treatment must be combined with the correct diet. All diseases require nutritional intervention and lifestyle. Such complex approach will ensure quick recovery and support health.


What should be the power in the adenoma, is studied for a long time and successfully applied in practice. Nutrition includes healthy foods, is essential for maintaining good health. A set of necessary vitamin and minerals help to avoid relapse. And in General balanced diet supports the immune system, creates a favorable environment for recovery.


When the prostate size is normal, and no problems. Is a gland under the bladder. It is solely the male organ. It consists of several dozen segments with secreting canals. When a man has no urological problems, this body does not give itself felt. But at a palpation the doctor can feel two symmetrical lobes separated by a furrow. The normal prostate has a symmetrical shape. It should not be cysts and tumors. The maximum size of the body reaches usually 20 years. Age may take a bit longer. But it is the norm.

Adenoma – what is it

Healthy prostate as palpation or on ultrasound has a homogeneous structure. Maybe a slight increase in body at a certain age, but it's not a problem. But after 40 years I advise all men necessarily to be examined by a urologist. Because the prostate hormone-dependent organ. And in a period of hormonal changes can have problems. If the doctor suspected the shape change of the prostate or increasing its size, it must forward for further examination. If diagnosed as adenoma, not worth much upset. Adenoma - a benign tumor that can be treated successfully.

That should be alerted

The first signs of BPH may occur quite weak. And yet, at the first suspicion should consult the doctor. What should concern:

  • frequent urge to urinate;
  • the feeling did not complete the process of urination;
  • a thin jet;
  • the need to strain during urination.

If in the first stage of these symptoms are barely noticeable, then the second stage is impossible not to feel. And the third stage is already resulting in urinary incontinence, both day and night. At this stage it is impossible to do without a comprehensive and long-term treatment.

To eat right

Medical treatment helps proper nutrition. Proper nutrition doesn't mean it's not delicious. You can always think of a menu for everyone. Nutrition for prostate cancer has its own characteristics. You have to limit yourself to sweet. But even more difficult is to limit meat and fish dishes. However, to a reasonable extent. There are several options such a balanced therapeutic diets for diseases of the prostate. You just need to choose a more suitable option. However, the diet varies at different stages of the disease.

Rules of the meal

Proper nutrition is the key to successful recovery. But will have to change not only diet but also habits. The basic principles of the diet:

  • you should eat small portions, 5-6 times a day;
  • try to eat at the same time;
  • to minimize the consumption of sweets – no more than 50 grams;
  • for dessert, allowed to use capes, jellies, puddings, jellies;
  • to give up fried, salty and spicy;
  • eat foods with laxative property (plum, beets, cabbage, apricot);
  • limit meat and fish up to 200-300 grams per day;
  • to eat more often food, steamed or boiled.

Diet after surgery

If performed surgery on the prostate gland, restriction of food must be with an emphasis on plant foods. Useful:

  • to increase the consumption of vegetable products, especially tomatoes;
  • more likely to include dairy products – yogurt, yogurt, yogurt;
  • Fruit
  • to drink green tea without additives for the replenishment of testosterone;
  • often eat salmon, herring, flounder, shrimp, anchovies – that is rich in fatty acids;
  • completely excluded from the diet of pork, beef, lamb;
  • stop eating chips, pizza, sausage rolls, Shawarma, food from McDonald's;
  • to abandon sausages, sausages, smoked fish.

Diet in advanced form of the disease

If the disease is manifested in all its glory - is very bright, the doctor will likely prescribe a strict diet and proper sleep and rest. Foods with adenoma prostate gland in the second degree have an even more strict selection. What is allowed:

  • fatty and spicy foods are eliminated completely;
  • allowed only lean meat and fish;
  • increased consumption of seaweed, eggs, and a little beef or pork liver – all rich in selenium and zinc;
  • welcome pistachios, olive oil, cereals;
  • very useful seafood, nuts, bran;
  • useful herring, pumpkin seeds;
  • useful dairy products, coconut oil; milk;
  • useful beets, tomatoes, cabbage, green peas, zucchini, pumpkin, cucumbers.

Bans in advanced disease in the second degree

If an adenoma cannot eat some foods:

  • it is forbidden to drink beer, wine and spirits;
  • excludes all spices, can only be used for dressing lemon juice and dry herbs;
  • exclude strong coffee and tea;
  • forbidden pastry, pastries;
  • excluded canned food, pickles, caviar fish;
  • limited consumption of fatty bouillons;
  • limited eating chocolate, legumes.

Useful products

If diagnosed, then the power is in the initial stages of the adenoma it is necessary to adjust and to include in the diet some of the following:

  • dried grapes, figs, dried plums, and peaches;
  • apples, strawberries, oranges, tangerines;
  • carrots, lettuce, greens, pumpkins, cauliflower, cucumber, tomatoes;
  • garlic, onion, parsnip, parsley, mustard, horseradish;
  • Diet
  • buckwheat, corn, oats, bread made of rye flour;
  • cheeses, containing a small amount of fat;
  • algae;
  • oysters, squid, mussels, shrimp, chicken breast, Turkey meat
  • drink from the hips, weak tea;
  • soups, boiled in milk, soups with vegetables;
  • sunflower, olive, corn oil;
  • no more than one eggs during the day.

What's excluded in the prostate

In diet in prostate cancer is not desirable to make some of the dishes at any stage of the disease:

  • meat with fat and animal fats;
  • fresh pastries, breads, yeast dough;
  • chocolate products;
  • strong broth;
  • caviar;
  • radish, radish and sorrel;
  • by-products, except liver;
  • strong tea, coffee, cocoa, sparkling water, brew.
  • alcohol.

The variety in the menu

Even with diet involves a varied menu. It should be focused on getting all the necessary nutrients and trace elements. And also to promote weight loss if there is a problem. Because overweight also worsens the disease. Many people do not think that the main thing in any diet is to eat more water, not soda, green tea, broth hips, jelly. And be sure to eat a fractional, not overeating, especially before bedtime. Possibly, it is necessary to eat at the same time. Snacking is not desirable, however, if you really want to eat, you can eat the fruit.

Dietary suggestions

Morning – oatmeal with milk, bread with bran with a slice of low fat cheese, green tea.

Lunch – soup with any component in the form of vegetables, braised rabbit with roasted zucchini, tomatoes, green onions, vegetable oil, broth hips.

Afternoon tea – fruit, yoghurt.

Tonight – fish in foil, buckwheat, salad, and strong tea.

Approximately 10-11 hours – 200 grams of sour-milk.

Morning – buckwheat with milk or water with butter, salad, milk tea.

Lunch – soup with salmon, chicken with eggplant and sweet peppers, sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, a drink made from berries and fruits.

Afternoon snack – toast with low fat cheese, weakly brewed tea.

Tonight – braised cabbage, meatballs, Turkey, any tea.

Two hours before bedtime – 200 grams of fermented milk drink or yoghurt.

In the morning – crackers with cheese slices, egg, soft-boiled, and fresh tea.

Lunch – vegetarian soup, chicken steam Turkey, seaweed, broth hips.

Afternoon snack – 30 grams of almonds or pumpkin seeds.

Tonight – vegetarian pilaf with dried fruit, white tea or infusion of medicinal plants.

Two hours before bedtime – 200 grams of fermented milk beverage.

In the morning – toast with caviar from vegetable marrows (not canned), sweet milk tea or jelly.

For dinner – pumpkin stew, boiled rice, steam salmon, salad of sweet peppers, drink their fruits.

Tonight – milk soup with noodles or buckwheat, and beverage.

10-11 p.m. – milk or fermented milk drink.

It is important to observe the mode

Diet for prostate adenoma in men

A diet with adenoma approximately 3 hour break between meal. In between you can eat fruits, nuts, dried fruit. And it is necessary to use clean water for at least half to two liters per day. But without gas. Excluded carbonated beverages.

Why is diet so important? Because the body gets used to eating at certain times and making enough enzymes for digestion. All of this ultimately leads to good digestion, weight loss, better digestion products. In addition, the diet allows the body time to get rid of processed food, unloads the heart and improves metabolism.

What to pay special attention

BPH – benign course of the tumor. But it is necessary to pass the test for the presence of malignant disease. And again, it is not necessary to start the BPH, as it is not detected and untreated, the disease may develop into cancer.