Features of the treatment of prostatitis in men with medicines

Prostatitis is a fairly common disease in men. Often, the problem lies not even in the pathological process itself, because in the early stages it is treatable, which guarantees a complete recovery of a man, the fact is that representatives of the stronger sex are embarrassed to seek medical help, the disease becomes chronic and leads to all sorts of complications. Therefore, a visit to the doctor should be timely when the first symptoms are detected. Here we look at drug treatment for prostatitis.

methods of treating prostatitis in men

What therapy can be

Medical treatment of chronic prostatitis in men should be complex, as a rule, it includes drugs such as:

  • antibacterial drugs;
  • alpha blockers;
  • hormonal substances;
  • muscle relaxants;
  • drugs to strengthen the immune system;
  • rectal suppositories.

It should be understood that drug treatment in different patients cannot be the same, all measures to eliminate the inflammatory process in the prostate gland should be prescribed by the attending physician, in no case should you resort to self-medication, it is dangerous even if it is medication.


Treatment of prostatitis with medication is primarily based on the use of antibacterial agents. Antibiotics are necessary, since most often in men, prostatitis occurs as a result of the activity of pathogens. It should also be understood here that the drug treatment of prostatitis with antibacterial drugs is appropriate only if the prostatitis is bacterial in nature. If the inflammatory process was caused by a violation of blood circulation in the pelvic organs, then taking such funds will not only be inappropriate, but also harmful to health.

Most often, men are prescribed fluoroquinolones. These drugs have a wide spectrum of action, they penetrate well into the prostate gland, reduce bactericidal activity and destroy microorganisms. Such drug treatment in men is effective for acute prostatitis.

For the drug treatment of chronic prostatitis in men, antibiotics, tetracyclines, and macrolides are prescribed.

Alpha blockers

medicines for the treatment of prostatitis in men

Adrenoleptics are prescribed to relax smooth muscles and improve urine output.

Drug treatment can be carried out with alpha-blockers. These substances have the ability to affect the receptors of the muscle cells of the prostate and urea, as a result the spasm subsides, and the muscles relax. This improves the excretion of urine. All medications are taken strictly according to the doctor's prescription and in the doses that he prescribed.

Hormonal agents

Prostatitis in men is a hormone-dependent disease, and therefore, to eliminate the inflammatory process, patients are often prescribed hormonal drugs. With drug treatment with hormones, it is possible to achieve not only an anti-inflammatory effect, but also a stimulating one, that is, hormonal agents also affect erectile function.

Hormone therapy is strictly prescribed by the attending physician, with self-medication, it can cause irreparable consequences. To eliminate inflammation, glucocorticoids can be used, which are introduced during electrophoresis. These drugs, by eliminating inflammation, help the tissues of the prostate gland to heal quickly.

Muscle relaxants

Muscle relaxants are prescribed, as a rule, as anesthetic drugs, since these drugs are able to reduce the tone of smooth muscles, increase blood circulation in the pelvic organs and stimulate the outflow of prostate juice.

To improve immunity

treatment of prostatitis in men with medicines

Immunomodulators and vitamins are necessary to increase the protective properties of the body in order to fight the disease.

From such a number of prescribed funds for the drug treatment of prostatitis in men, the general condition can significantly worsen, and immunity can decrease. To prevent this from happening, against the background of other drugs, patients are also prescribed immunomodulatory therapy, the purpose of which is to increase general and local immunity. By their action, the funds increase the resistance of the body's defenses, help resist infections and viruses.

Rectal suppositories

Drug treatment of prostatitis, as a rule, is carried out with drugs for oral administration, but it is no secret that drugs, especially in large quantities, have a detrimental effect on the liver and kidneys. An alternative to this treatment can be rectal suppositories, which are also used in men. The choice of rectal suppositories is very large, they can be with antibacterial drugs, with antispasmodics, with natural bee products and others.

Their advantage lies in the fact that the active preparations of suppositories reach their goal much faster and at the same time do not have a detrimental effect on other organs in men. Rectal suppositories help to eliminate pain, edema and inflammation, have a general beneficial effect on the prostate in men. In addition, suppositories improve blood circulation, restore urination.