The symptoms of BPH in men and the most effective methods of treatment

Benign prostatic hyperplasia – hyperplasia prostate tissue. Most of the preconditions for its development occur in men older than 40 years, but the adenoma begins to grow after 50. Statistics shows that every second present this pathology.

Recognize a BPH can be difficult urination and impaired sexual activity. An expanding tissue compresses the urethra, causing the stream becomes slow and uneven. Because of this, the man feels a strong pain and burning sensation while going to the toilet.


What is adenoma?

Prostate adenoma – hyperplasia benign nature. It is characterized by slow proliferation of glands located in the neck of the bladder. At the beginning of the development of the disease in men formed a small nodule that is constantly growing. Over time, this knot in the prostate gland obstructs the urinary channel and causes problems with urination.

However, the changes caused by her appearance in the prostate, have a negative impact on the health of men. At advanced stages of the manifestations of this disease can be called painful and unpleasant. Also, if long time not to draw attention to the difficulties in urinating, you may experience serious kidney problems.

This disease has a high prevalence. Statistics from the world health Organization showed that BPH is found in 40% of men older than 50 years. When the age exceeds 65, the risk of meeting with pathology increases to 95%. For this reason, every man should undergo regular examination by a doctor to in the initial stages to diagnose this neoplasm.


Doctors have no clear idea why occurs BPH. However, many experts believe that trigger the growth of this neoplasm can:

  • Hormonal disorders;
  • Irregular sexual life;
  • Sexually transmitted diseases and STIs;
  • Heavy physical work;
  • The use of certain medication;
  • Drinking alcohol and Smoking;
  • The negative impact of the environment;
  • Emotional stress;
  • Inflammatory processes in the body;
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system.


To recognize the signs of BPH simply. However, in the early stages of the disease can manifest itself with symptoms that are similar to other diseases. Signs of adenoma are irritating and lead to changes in urination. To irritating include:

  • Constant urination in the toilet.
  • Incontinence.
  • Pain ignoring the urge.

If you ignore the first symptoms of prostate adenoma, the tumor grows, putting pressure on the urinary canal. Because of this, it narrows, leading to abnormalities in urination. One can recognize them by the following features:

  • A thin jet;
  • A small amount of single-time of urination;
  • Intermittent urination;
  • Pain during urination;
  • The appearance of impurities of blood in the urine and semen;
  • Necessary supporting activities during urination;
  • Urinary retention.
diagnostic methods


To diagnose BPH in men need to consult a qualified doctor-urologist. He will conduct all the necessary research that will help to determine the cause of changes in the prostate. The most important diagnostic measures to diagnose BPH include:

  • Palpation of the anus – the procedure in which the doctor eye examines the prostate gland. It is necessary to determine the exact size of this body, its texture, the presence of nodular formations, the degree of pain.
  • Ultrasound examination is necessary to determine the condition of the kidneys and prostate. Such a study helps to diagnose the degree of tissue damage, presence or absence of cysts, their direction of growth, presence or absence of stones. It is also necessary to determine the functionality of the kidneys, as it there gives complications adenoma.
  • Transrectal ultrasound of the prostate – a procedure where the doctor will be able to determine the size, structure of the prostate. It is also necessary that the doctor was able to distinguish the adenoma from the tumor.
  • The study of the urine stream. With it is possible to determine all the essential characteristics of the process of urination: velocity, volume, duration.
  • The determination of residual urine – procedure, which is a measure of the amount of urine remaining in the urinary channels. The test helps to determine whether surgical intervention or not.
  • Method of determining pressure within the bladder.
  • Cystography, the study of the circulatory system around the bladder. Is carried out using contrast medium.
  • MRI and CT – two diagnostic tests, with which it is possible to determine the structure of the tumor, its size, the degree of sprawl. They also needed to clarify the oncological processes.

The greatest importance in this matter have blood tests for markers. With their help it is possible to identify antibodies in the blood, which arise only with the development of malignancies.


Treatment of BPH in men is a serious procedure that requires a highly skilled physician. It should be possible to fully explore the features of the tumor and of the patient. For this purpose it is necessary to find answers to the following questions:

  1. Possible malignant nature of the tumor?
  2. Are there any serious contraindications for surgical intervention?
  3. What are the symptoms of most concern to the patient?
  4. If there is a protrusion of the prostate?
  5. Can the patient lead a normal sexual life?
  6. What chronic diseases the patient has?
  7. If the patient takes any medications?
  8. What are the benefits from treatment may receive?
treatment of the adenoma

Drug therapy

Drug treatment of BPH is a gentle way to impact education, however, the effectiveness will be justified only at the initial stages of the disease. Also the selection of drugs should be dealt with only by a qualified doctor. With the self you will not only achieve nothing, but also provoke the development of serious complications. Only a urologist will be able to say exactly what in your case will help to cope with the disease.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy – a series of procedures through which it is possible to quickly get rid of BPH in men.

Any manipulation and influence are able to reduce the discomfort and also to stop the growth of tumor.

Most popular physio treatments anti adenoma can be called ozone therapy, photodynamic therapy, exercise therapy, fasting, and more. However, before you go for such procedures, you should consult with your doctor – they have a lot of contraindications.

Photo dynamic therapy

Photo dynamic therapy is a modern method of treatment of prostate adenoma in men. The essence of such effects is the impact of photodynamic light. In the resulting node, the doctor injects a special drug that becomes active only after the laser irradiation of a certain wave. Thereafter, the oxygen particles are beginning to move, affecting the affected area. Using this procedure, you will be able to defeat necrosis and damaged parts of the tissues.

Ozone therapy

Ozone therapy is a popular method for the treatment of BPH in men. This is one of the most modern methods of treatment of such formations. Ozone therapy is used for getting rid of many urological diseases. It is effective and without the intake of drugs and money. Statistics show that a positive result from the effects observed in 95% of cases. Ozone allows you to:

  • To establish blood circulation in the pelvic organs;
  • To reduce the soreness;
  • To kill all pathogenic microorganisms;
  • To accelerate oxidation in the urinary organ;
  • To remove inflammation.

With ozone therapy you will be able to achieve good results in the treatment of BPH. This procedure has an excellent therapeutic effect, the effects of which in many respects are superior to medications. It is virtually painless, performed without anesthesia. During the procedure you can feel more than mild discomfort which lasts a few days.


Physiotherapy – a therapy that holds a special place in the treatment of BPH in men. With the right exercises, you will be able to disperse blood stasis, and also to organize its circulation in the pelvis. There are many different complexes that help to restore the health of the urinary system men. It is very important to engage in physical therapy as to prevent the growth of the adenoma, and after surgery. So you will be able to recover faster and to minimize the likelihood of recurrence in the future.

treatment with leeches

Treatment with leeches

Because of the resulting in prostate tumors, is considerably impaired sexual ability of any man. To regain its former strength, many experts recommend to take a course of treatment with leeches.

This method helps to establish blood circulation, and also to all the harmful substances and toxins from the body.

With an integrated approach adenoma stopped growing or deliver to the owner a lot of discomfort.

However, in the appointment of treatment the doctor need to assess the condition of the body, as the procedure has a sufficient number of contraindications.

Surgical treatment

Every year the number of operations on the urinary system decreases. This is due to the emergence of a more effective conservative methods of treatment. However, in the treatment of adenomas urologists still resort to surgical procedures. They are especially popular among older men. Studies have shown that with age the risk of adenoma increases significantly. However, many men do not pay any attention to pop symptoms, which the disease spills over into a serious stage. To do without surgery will not happen.

Surgery is a radical method of treatment of an adenoma. On average, the operation can last from 1 to 6 hours, depending on the size and characteristics of the formation. After surgical excision, a man should spend in the supine position 4-5 days, and then allowed to sit. After surgery, you should undergo a lengthy recovery process. There is also the risk of complications. Often after surgery men complain of pain in the penis can worsen secondary infection.


To prevent the occurrence of BPH in men will help compliance with all preventive measures. It will benefit not only the urinary system but also on the whole body. Doctors believe that the most important are the following recommendations:

  • Totally abstain from Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages;
  • Avoid hypothermia in the body, especially the lower extremities;
  • Try to minimize any stress;
  • Revise your diet – it should be only natural ingredients;
  • Try not to stand in need of the toilet, as this stretches the bladder;
  • 2-3 hours before sleep do not drink any liquids to avoid nighttime urination in the toilet;
  • Regularly visit the urologist, to the initial stages to diagnose the disease;
  • Exercise, see a healthy lifestyle;
  • Avoid stagnation of blood in one place, which is one of the most popular reasons of the adenoma;
  • Ensure regular sex life so prostate could produce and get rid of the seed;
  • Protect yourself from STDs and venereal infections.

Using preventive measures you'll be able to significantly reduce the risk of developing BPH. Also, these recommendations will help to stop the growth of an existing nodule. If there are any symptoms indicating pathology, be sure to consult a urologist.

adenoma of the popular treatment for

Traditional methods of treatment

There are several popular recipes that can stop the growth of adenomas. However, it is best to pre-consult with your doctor if you can use them or not. If the wrong approach or if there are contraindications you can seriously harm your body. The most popular prescription drugs against prostate are:

  • In equal proportions mix the dry herb St. John's wort, chamomile, oak bark and nettle. Every night brew 2 tablespoons of the mixture in a liter of boiling water, leave to infuse overnight. In the morning, strain and pour into a more convenient container. In a day, you must drink all the broth. The duration of treatment usually takes 3-4 months.
  • Take a few mushrooms Veselka and fill out proportions: 1 mushroom 0.5 vodka. No need to use tinctures alcohol, as it will kill all the useful microorganisms. leave the medication in for 30 days, and then every morning take a tablespoon of infusion.
  • Mix 100 grams of milk Thistle, 200 – parsley. All this pour 3 liters of boiling water and leave for a week in a dark place. After this time pour the remedy into the bottle, drink 50 grams 3 times a day.
  • In equal proportions mix the buds and bark of birch, which contain large amounts of zinc. This trace mineral helps to stop the growth of hyperplasia. Pour their alcohol out of proportion: 2 tablespoons 400 ml. Put the medicine for a few days in a dark place, then strain and store in the fridge. Drink a teaspoon every day before meals.