The most effective folk remedies for the treatment of prostatitis

prostatitis in men

Few doctors today are ready to offer their patients treatment according to the method of traditional medicine. Often, this is not in their interests, and sometimes they lack knowledge in this area. Therefore, you should always take the initiative yourself, and even when treating diseases such as prostatitis with folk remedies, ask specialists what natural products can help.

Benefits of folk treatment

Therapy using the most effective recipes of traditional medicine can surprise even experienced doctors with its effectiveness, especially if the patient is simultaneously taking more familiar synthetic drugs. The same is true for diseases of the male genitourinary system.

Treatment of prostatitis with folk remedies showed excellent results even when the very diagnosis of such a pathology was difficult. However, naturopathy, unlike conservative drug therapy, has been used for thousands of years by the people, and during this time hundreds and thousands of recipes have been tested, polished and successfully tested on many people.

The main advantage of the treatment of prostatitis with the help of folk remedies, according to its supporters, should be considered the absence of harm caused to the body by artificial preparations with a complex chemical formula. Such drugs allow you to achieve results, but at the same time they "hit" other organs and systems of a person, despite the fact that they are also accompanied by frequent side effects. In addition, do not forget about the large list of contraindications and restrictions when taking pills, capsules and injections, which deprive many men of hope to get rid of impotence or prostate inflammation.

What has been said is equally true with regard to various kinds of folk procedures that have become the progenitors of modern physiotherapy. Compresses, baths and various exercises carried out at home are in every sense more convenient and cheaper for the patient.

The main thing to remember is that prostatitis can not always be cured at home, because an exacerbation of the disease with severe inflammation of the prostate requires the use of fast-acting drugs to relieve primary symptoms.

After stabilization of the patient's condition, it is allowed to resort to folk methods of dealing with prostatitis, but only as part of complex therapy.

The best folk remedies for prostatitis

With the development of modern technologies of microscopy and scanning, there is no longer a need to blindly trust traditional medicine. All natural remedies have been carefully studied and their capabilities measured and described in the literature. Thanks to this, there is a great opportunity to select such recipes for the treatment of chronic prostatitis, which will be as effective and practical as possible.

Pumpkin seeds

pumpkin seeds for prostatitis

Edible pumpkin seeds are a favorite treat for many people who dry them after harvesting them from the ripe fruit. Pumpkin seeds contain many useful substances for the body:

  • linolenic, oleic, palmitic and stearic acids;
  • essential oil;
  • phytosterols;
  • vitamins;
  • amino acids.

It is very convenient to stimulate the improvement of potency with the help of pumpkin seeds, because they can be eaten with pleasure every day in any quantities.

Some sources offer an alternative option - to prepare a tincture of seeds, for which you need 100 gr. grind dried raw materials and mix with half a liter of pure vodka. The mixture is infused for three weeks in a dark room, after which it is necessary to take the medicine one teaspoon per day, after filtering it.

Onion and onion peel

onions for the treatment of prostatitis

Onions, like onion peels, are a proven means to strengthen the immune system, while being an antiseptic and venotonic. This combination of beneficial properties makes fresh onion recipes an indispensable tool in the treatment of bacterial prostatitis, allowing the plant to be used instead of unnecessary antibiotics.

One of the most popular recipes for relieving upper urinary tract obstruction and resisting congestion in the prostate is based on just two ingredients. Two tablespoons of husk should be poured with two cups of boiling water, then hold this mixture in a water bath for 10 minutes, and then cool and strain. Take the infusion after 8 hours of exposure in a dark place for half a cup every morning.

Honey and bee products

bee products for prostatitis

The benefits of honey produced by bees have been known to people for thousands of years, when this sweet delicacy was still collected in the forest from wild insects, and not in professional apiaries. Despite such a long period of use of honey, science today cannot fully describe all the tens and hundreds of biologically active components in its composition - especially since each honey is unique in its own way due to its different (in terms of flower pollen) composition. We can confidently say that the treatment of the prostate does not require special preparation of honey. It is enough to eat two or three tablespoons every day to strengthen the immune system and tone the pelvic organs.

But such a beekeeping product as propolis is actively used for the preparation of various home remedies as part of several components. For example, you can make a tincture useful for the genitourinary system with your own hands:

  • propolis is cooled in the refrigerator;
  • then the raw material is finely rubbed and crumbled;
  • the resulting powder is poured with alcohol in a ratio of 1: 5;
  • in a closed jar, the liquid is infused completely in 3 days.

After filtering and filtering the infusion, you need to drink it one tablespoon three times a day, diluting the alcohol to an acceptable taste.

Medicinal herbs and fees

herbs for prostatitis

The number of herbs and herbal preparations useful as a folk treatment for prostatitis is very large, and large literary works are devoted to their description. Therefore, it makes sense to dwell on those that are not particularly known to the general user as medicines for prostatitis:

  • parsley is a well-known plant in cooking, which at the same time is a diuretic and anti-inflammatory agent for the treatment of chronic prostatitis. Removing swelling of the prostate gland, the plant stimulates a better outflow of urine from the bladder, bringing relief to the patient. Despite the many recipes, it is best to eat parsley fresh, adding it to various dishes;
  • chestnut - few people know that the green peel that covers chestnuts is rich in organic acids and enzymes that effectively counteract microbial infection. The recipe for using crusts is simple: rubbing 150 gr. peel on a grater, it is poured with a liter of vodka and 50 ml of rosehip juice, after which it is insisted for 7 days and taken once a day, one sip;
  • wormwood - leaves of bitter wormwood are harvested as raw materials, from which they then make a tincture, useful for a variety of diseases. For the treatment of male prostatitis, it is enough to take a few drops of tincture per day, diluted in water. It is impossible to abuse the drug because of its high toxicity;
  • Celandine is another medicinal herb with a pronounced antiviral and antimicrobial effect. The diluted juice of this plant (diluted in water 1: 50) is drunk in the morning and at bedtime, but not more than half a glass at a time.

Among other herbs and plants that a patient with prostatitis should pay attention to are nettle, chamomile, rosehip, yarrow, sage, mint, lingonberry, ginseng, plantain and St. John's wort.


mumiyo from prostatitis

Mountain mummy is a complex biological product, whose composition and its effect on the body are still being carefully studied by scientists and researchers. Nevertheless, traditional healers have long been aware of the great potential of the mummy, and therefore they are actively using it, among other things, to solve men's health problems.

As an effective method, it is proposed to make applications: one gram of mummy is diluted in 50 ml of water, after which the liquid is thoroughly mixed. The resulting solution is moistened with a gauze swab, which must be inserted into the anus before going to bed so that the mummy acts on the prostate through the intestinal wall.

A more complex recipe suggests making candles at home, which will require not only wax or animal fat, but also some skill and patience.

Tea treatment

herbal tea for prostatitis

Phyto tea is a kind of drink familiar to everyone, in which a mixture of herbs and plants is used instead of tea leaves. Today, there are many varieties of herbal teas that differ in composition of ingredients and purpose, but for diseases of the male genitourinary system, we can safely recommend the famous Monastic tea.

The multi-organ effect of this drink is based on such components: immortelle, sage, bearberry, thyme, birch buds, succession, buckthorn and dog rose. Tea is excellent not only for treatment, but also as a prevention of diseases of the prostate and urinary system, and drinking it is as convenient as it is tasty.

aspen bark

aspen bark for prostatitis

Rich in carbohydrates, carotenoids and vitamins, aspen bark has two important properties - antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. The product is prepared in the fall, cut into small pieces from a tree, dried and finely rubbed. It is good to add such raw materials to ordinary tea, but you can also steam it in a water bath in order to drink a filtered and cooled broth three times a day.


ginger for prostatitis

Ginger root is a very strong biologically active substance: it is recommended to use it for all people without exception, rubbing it into tea (fortunately, ginger is sold in every large store). You can also make a specific decoction of ginger, for which 5 gr. rub the roots, pour a glass of boiling water, and when the water cools down, add a teaspoon of honey there.

Rectal suppositories

rectal suppositories for prostatitis

Propolis candles have already been described above, but literally any dried herb or root, as well as extracts or juice of fruits (berries) can be used as an active ingredient. The most important thing is the production technology: animal fat or beeswax is taken as the basis, which must be heated to a melted state, mixed with the key component, and then cooled in the refrigerator.

In the process of cooling, it is necessary to make blanks in the form of torpedo-shaped candles from the total mass. It’s good if there is a similar mold, but you can try to mold it with your hands. It remains to be added that rectal suppositories cannot be used if the patient is diagnosed with acute hemorrhoids or inflammatory diseases of the rectum.


enemas for prostatitis

Treatment of prostatitis in men with folk remedies is not complete without procedures proven over the years, such as enemas. It is important to remember that for a longer effect of the drug on the tissues surrounding the prostate, microclysters should be done that do not cause a sharp urge to empty the intestines.

As an active ingredient in the basis of enemas, decoctions of chamomile, marigold and motherwort are suitable. In acute inflammatory processes in the prostate gland, you can try using oak and St. John's wort, as well as sea buckthorn, sunflower or eucalyptus oil.


The method of influencing the prostate with the help of hydrotherapy is convenient from all points of view. In addition to massaging the gland with the help of a dense aqueous medium, the skin is saturated with useful substances added to the water. In addition, baths well relax muscle tissue, while stimulating nerve conduction and strengthening the overall tone of the body. As useful supplements for baths with prostatitis, you can recommend:

  • needles - pine or spruce needles, used as an oil or extract, tones the endocrine glands, and also improves male potency. Needles should not be abused, so as not to disrupt the hormonal background, so it is best to take such baths once or twice a week;
  • herbs - plants that can be included in the hydrotherapy process are no different from herbs for conventional herbal medicine. So, naturopaths advise adding chamomile, sage, wild rose, St. John's wort, valerian, calendula, linden or lavender to the water;
  • Salts – Sea salt crystals are a proven, mild therapeutic agent that is well suited to prevent or complete a healing process. For a narrowly targeted effect on the pelvic organs, experts suggest buying salts with the addition of natural plant extracts. You can practice salt baths in unlimited quantities.
needles for the treatment of prostatitis

It remains to be added that health baths cannot relieve a sharp exacerbation of prostatitis, and will not help with acute inflammation of the lobes and ducts of the prostate gland. Therefore, it is necessary to objectively evaluate the possibilities of hydrotherapy, without making mistakes in relation to your health.

clay treatment

The use of healing mud is one of the most popular areas in physiotherapy. Bolus therapy offers a choice of different types of clays: blue, pink, white, red, green and others, but it is pink that is best suited for the treatment of inflammatory diseases.

In itself, this remedy is quite expensive, and it is not always easy to find, but the effect of using clay is felt already 3-5 days after the start of therapy. The main method of treatment is applications, compresses and wraps. Clay should be applied to the skin, after heating it to 38-40 degrees, and the target areas are the perineum and lower abdomen. After 15 minutes of therapy, the product can be washed off.

Proper nutrition

Proper diet for prostatitis is almost half of the success in the fight against diseases of the genitourinary system, and in the future directly determines the likelihood of re-development of prostatitis.

The main prohibitions look like this, you should exclude from the diet:

  • alcoholic drinks;
  • fatty or fried foods with high cholesterol;
  • an abundance of quickly digestible carbohydrates (including sweets and sugar);
  • as well as smoking and salting of various kinds.

You should be careful with seasonings and various flavorings to food, avoiding food that is too spicy, peppery or salty.

vegetable salad for prostatitis

At the same time, it is recommended to actively consume fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as add greens to salads and first courses. Ingredients such as onions, garlic, parsley, dill and others should become integral parts of the diet. Otherwise, nutritionists recommend eating more dietary poultry or fish, cereals and legumes. Instead of high-grade wheat products, give preference to bakery products made from whole grains and bran.

Fruit and vegetable juices

Ditching tea and coffee in favor of fruit or vegetable juices is a great idea, but only if the drink is natural and fresh, which does not correlate well with store-bought products. For this reason, the best solution is to make your own juices using a juicer.

In addition to well-known ingredients - oranges, apples, plums, peaches and other popular fruits, it is worth trying more specific ingredients:

  • burdock - inulin, essential oils, tannins and fatty acids make burdock juice an excellent prophylactic against any inflammatory diseases;
  • tomatoes - a very high concentration of carotenoids and B vitamins distinguish tomato juice from others, making it an effective immunostimulant that helps fight infection of the genitourinary system;
  • pomegranate - tannins and vitamin C in pomegranate juice help to increase the tone of the smooth muscles of the prostate, thereby improving male libido and fertility;
  • pumpkin - pumpkin juice is an excellent source of vitamin A, potassium, iron and fiber, making it a good antioxidant drink that prevents tumor formation and nourishes prostate tissue;
  • parsley - to get one glass of parsley juice, you will have to twist a lot of fresh herbs, but you don’t need to drink such a remedy in large quantities. Improving urodynamics and spermatogenesis, parsley juice is enough to take one teaspoon once a day.
healthy foods for prostatitis

Do not forget that the juices used in the therapy must be freshly squeezed, and therefore they cannot be stored in the refrigerator for days. It is also important to drink drinks in their pure form, without sweetening them with sugar, so as not to harm the body.

Physical exercise

It is possible to cure chronic prostatitis of a non-infectious type not only with the help of medicines, but also by practicing various physical exercises. Since a sedentary lifestyle should be considered the "enemy" of the prostate gland, emphasis should be placed on such gymnastics that would involve the lower body, including the pelvis.

The easiest way to do this is to walk, swim or run, but yoga is also good at home. With some skill, these exercises can significantly improve blood flow in the pelvic organs, which will positively affect the tone of the prostate.

As an addition, you can pay attention to a variety of Kegel exercises designed for men. They specifically stimulate the prostate gland and seminal vesicles. It remains to be added that all urologists and andrologists agree in one opinion: almost the best exercise for strengthening and protecting the prostate from diseases can be called maintaining a regular sexual life without excesses or, conversely, abstinence.


  • Man, 50: "After reading various tips and reviews on the Internet from men who have had prostatitis, I decided to focus on three things: herbal preparations, natural suppositories and exercise. The rest of the recommendations, although useful, can hardly help quickly if the disease is alreadyappeared. "
  • Man, 62: "My family has always respected honey and other bee products, so at the first sign of illness, I began to lean on these natural medicines. I am sure that it was thanks to honey, beeswax and royal jelly that I coped with inflammationprostate faster than if he took pills alone. "