Pills for prostatitis - inexpensive and effective

The process of inflammation of the prostate in men is most characteristic of the age over forty years. Pathology is provoked by hormonal disruptions, bacteria and viruses, sexually transmitted diseases, and therefore everyone is looking for pills for prostatitis - inexpensive and effective. Of course, only a qualified urologist should decide which medications to take.

doctor prescribes medication for prostatitis

Effective types of pills for prostatitis

As a rule, depending on the pathogen and the form of the disease, doctors prescribe different drugs, which are divided into several groups:

Antibacterial therapy

The first choice of doctors is always antibiotics, intended for the treatment of the disease in the first place. They are appointed after the causative agent of the infection is determined through bakposev. In case of severe pain, drugs can be administered intravenously. As a rule, the course of admission is 4 - 6 weeks.

bakposev with prostatitis for the appointment of antibiotics


This group is intended to facilitate the well-being of the patient.

Alpha blockers

Drugs in this category are prescribed to patients who have problems with urination. With their help, the muscular complex of the prostate and bladder relaxes.

groin pain with prostatitis

The course of therapy takes about six months, and the process cannot be interrupted even after feeling better.


Due to a violation of the quality of sexual and everyday life, a deep depression develops in a man, so the attending doctor prescribes sedatives for him. Valerian is usually prescribed.

Hormonal remedies

This category of drugs is aimed at reducing the level of testosterone, which contributes to the growth of the prostate. Taking such drugs, you can stabilize the overall hormonal background and reduce the symptoms of prostatitis.


The use of vitamin complexes is required to strengthen the immune system, which suffers greatly when prostatitis occurs. The chronic form of the disease greatly reduces the protective function, and therefore vitamins are prescribed simultaneously with drug therapy.


This group of drugs is based on natural ingredients, and its spectrum of action is very versatile. Phytopreparations are taken against the background of the main therapy in order to relieve acute symptoms and the process of inflammation.

herbal remedies for prostatitis