Therapeutic exercises for prostatitis

There is an opinion that physical exercises for prostatitis can have a positive effect on a man's health - is it true? Indeed, gymnastics has long been used in medicine to treat a variety of ailments, including prostatitis. Naturally, physical activity is not useful in all cases of prostatitis - there are forms of the disease in which exercise therapy is strictly contraindicated. But the benefits of prescribing therapeutic exercises to a man with prostatitis cannot be canceled. Therapeutic exercise is a simple, economical, affordable and effective cure for this disease.

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About prostatitis

Before treating prostatitis with gymnastic exercises, you need to know the features of this disease. Possession of the necessary information will allow you to effectively treat the disease with physical exercises, as well as avoid the use of physiotherapy exercises (exercise therapy) in cases where it can be harmful.


Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland (prostate). This organ plays an important role in the sexual life of a man, synthesizing the hormone "dihydrotestosterone", due to which attraction to the weaker sex and an erection of the penis become possible. The prostate secretes a secret which, when mixed with the semen, makes it a fluid, passable urethra. This secret also affects the spermatozoa, making them mobile, vigorous, viable.

The prostate is located below the bladder, attached to the ureter. The secret produced by the organ enters the urethra through the communicating ducts. When the prostate becomes inflamed, its tissues expand and compress the ureter from the sides - this impairs the patency of the urethra. Problem with urination is the most common symptom of prostatitis. To this must be added symptoms of intense pain in the pelvic area and impotence.

Varieties of prostatitis

Inflammation of the prostate gland can occur due to congestive processes in the pelvic area and the penetration of an infectious agent into the prostate tissue. A rarer cause of inflammation is the onset of oncological processes, both benign - prostate adenoma, and malignant - prostate cancer. Thus, depending on the cause of the inflammation, prostatitis is divided into the following types:

  • stagnant;
  • infectious;
  • hyperplasiogenic.

Causes of the disease

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Prostatitis is a disease that a man rarely manages to avoid during his life. The disease refers to age - it affects mainly middle-aged and elderly men, but more recently, young people also begin to get sick. Why is that?

The current time is the era of a sedentary lifestyle. This fact is striking given the powerful dynamics demonstrated by modernity - people work at several jobs, managing to do dozens of different things in a day. But when you delve deeper into what is happening, it becomes clear: out of the three jobs, two are freelance jobs that are done at home at the computer; you don’t have to walk if you have a car; Food can be ordered online for home delivery. Thus, men, with all possible activity, are inactive.

Physical inactivity is the cause of poor blood circulation in the body. Like any other hydrodynamic system, the circulatory system needs dynamic circulation. Let us explain by analogy with the work of a mechanical, wrist watch with a winding function. If the watch is in a static position, the winding will not work - only under the condition of a dynamic impact. And the circulatory system functions normally only when a person moves.

The permanent posture of a freelancer, a driver of a vehicle, an office worker is in a sitting position. Our body is adapted to sitting, the gluteal muscles help a person in this, which can level the pressure on the circulatory system of the small pelvis for a long time. But prolonged sitting tires the muscles, a syndrome of prolonged squeezing occurs - a pathological phenomenon that is detrimental to men's health. The greater the weight of a man, the shorter the time of the shock-absorbing function of the buttocks becomes - obese men are more susceptible to prostatitis than thin ones.

Another problem is bad habits. Statistics say that an ordinary office worker smokes half a pack of cigarettes and drinks 2-4 cups of coffee a day, and prefers beer and computer games in the evening. Coffee and beer are very harmful drinks for the prostate, add to this smoking, prolonged sitting and we get a high probability of developing prostatitis.

Summing up the above, we will name three main causes of prostatitis in young men of the modern era:

  • hypodynamia;
  • prolonged sitting;
  • bad habits.

Important! Treatment of prostatitis with the help of gymnastic training is an option for many men who prefer to lead a sedentary lifestyle. The ability to cure an ailment by briefly looking away from the computer at home is exactly what suits a modern person.

Therapeutic exercise in the treatment of prostatitis

Physical therapy for prostatitis has been used for a long time and successfully in various therapeutic cultural traditions - Greek (gymnastics), Chinese (kung fu), Indian (yoga), Anglo-Saxon (aerobics, fitness, fitball). Exercise therapy for prostatitis shows good results, it is ideal for treating prostatitis at home, becoming an excellent therapy for men.

On the effect of therapeutic exercises on the body of a man

sedentary lifestyle as a cause of prostatitis

Physical activity accelerates blood through the body, nourishing the tissues with the substances they need. A man who performs special exercises against prostatitis can achieve that stagnant processes in the pelvic area will stop, dead cells will be washed out by the bloodstream, prostate tissues will be renewed, inflammation will pass. In addition, exercise will strengthen the body. Thus, gymnastic exercises will cure not only prostatitis, but will also help to improve the health of a man. However, exercise therapy cannot be applied unconditionally in all cases of the disease. Consider a list of contraindications for the use of physical exercises for men with prostate diseases.

General contraindications for the use of physical exercises:

  • Gymnastics cannot be used to treat prostatitis if it is in the acute stage. Prostate tissues at the acute stage of inflammation become vulnerable to dynamic effects, they can be damaged. Exacerbation causes severe pain, exercise further intensifies it, making physical education torture.
  • It is impossible to practice a sports activity where sitting is provided - this is a harmful exercise for prostatitis, exercises for prostatitis of this type should be avoided. This can be cycling, some poses for pumping the press.
  • Exercises for the treatment of prostatitis cannot be practiced by those men who have high blood pressure, have heart problems; who have recently undergone surgery, suffer from inguinal hernia.
  • Some experts consider gymnastics harmful for infectious and oncological forms of prostatitis. This opinion is debatable, there is no unambiguous recommendation.

Before treating prostatitis with gymnastics, it is important to consult a therapist. The attending physician should be aware of the patient's decisions - this is exactly the person who can authoritatively assess the possible benefits and harms of exercise therapy in each case.

Exercises for prostatitis

Regular exercise with prostatitis can seriously alleviate the patient's condition, provided that he does everything right. And so that there is no doubt left, consider what exercises you can do.

Classical therapeutic gymnastics

Traditional therapeutic exercises for prostatitis appeared in the time of the ancient Greeks. The founder of this type of gymnastics was the doctor Gerodik, who was a very extraordinary person: seriously ill with a "disease affecting the respiratory organs", he promoted a set of exercises in Greece that could put any patient on his feet. He was a very famous healer - the philosopher Plato wrote about him with enthusiasm. Gymnastics Gerodika treated many diseases, including prostatitis. The discipline founded by the doctor became the prototype of modern exercise therapy. The exercises of Herodicus have come down to us in pictures depicted on amphoras and frescoes. Among them there are those that are recommended by modern andrology for the treatment of prostatitis:

  • Standing hip raise. A man in a standing position, keeping his back straight, alternately raises his thigh parallel to the floor. The back position should not change during the task.
  • Lying hip raise. The patient in the supine position brings the hips together and raises them perpendicular to the axis of the floor. The back during the task should remain on the floor without breaking away from it.
  • Squat. The patient holds his hands in front of him parallel to the floor and crouches so that the sacrum almost touches the floor. Hands maintain position during the task. You can't take your heels off the ground!
  • Lifting the buttocks from the floor. The patient, resting his elbows and feet on the floor, arches upward, tearing the buttocks off the ground.
  • Scissors lying on the back. A man in a prone position raises his legs 45 degrees from the floor and begins to cross them, alternately changing the position of each leg relative to the floor - first one lower, then the other. It is impossible to tear off the back and the back of the head from the floor!
  • Scissors lying on the stomach. The exercise is done similarly to ordinary scissors, only the position of the patient changes - he lies on his stomach.
  • Bike. A man, lying on his back, raises his legs to 45 degrees and pedals an imaginary bicycle in the air.

The exercises listed by us are simple and do not require special physical training, any man can perform them. There is a high probability that the exercises will not immediately be able to perform flawlessly. It is important to understand what is right - and strive for it.

Attention! When exercising with prostatitis, it is advisable to warm up - jump, clap your hands, shake your body and limbs, run on the spot. Exercises are done in the calculation of 10 times in 3 sets, starting with 5 times in the 1st approach. The load is increased every 2 or 3 weeks until the recommended number of runs and approaches is reached.


Training according to the canons of ancient Indian gymnastics is not suitable for every man. It is important to have at least some physical skills in order to treat prostatitis by performing yoga therapeutic tasks.

The advantage of yoga is its extreme popularity in modern society, there is a lot of educational material on the Internet - videos, books. Based on him, we will recommend some exercises from this discipline that can help a man in the fight against prostatitis:

  • surya namaskar (a set of morning exercises);
  • chandra namaskar (a set of evening exercises);
  • kapalabgati (abdominal breathing technique);
  • asana "lotus" with the heel inverted to the inguinal region;
  • asana "makarasana" (relaxation pose) - from 15 minutes to an hour;
  • asana "viparita karani" (birch pose);
  • mudra ashvini (controlled contraction of the muscles of the anus).

All recommended exercises should be performed under the supervision of a yoga instructor. The sequence of postures matters, it should also be agreed with a specialist. Asanas are not performed on their own, they are done in combination with other exercises. The duration of classes is individual, depending on the physical form of the patient.

Kegel exercises for the treatment of prostatitis

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Basically, the gymnastics developed by Dr. Kegel is aimed at preventing various male diseases, but there is one exercise that has a therapeutic effect on the inflamed prostate - this is "tension of the pelvic floor muscles. "The essence of the exercise is the tension of the muscles that are used by a person during the act of defecation, and not the buttocks, as one might think. It is desirable that the intestine was empty. Or, alternatively, it is worth doing the exercise while sitting on the toilet seat - this will save the patient from the unpleasant consequences of the exercise. It is necessary to push not with the abdominal muscles, but with those that surround the rectum and sphincter. The doctor advises to push as if the patient wants to spew out the prostate. The inflamed organ is perceived by patients as a foreign object stuck in the rectum. The efforts of the patient should be directed to his imaginary "defecation". Exercise should be done 2-3 times a day for 5-10 minutes.

Physical exercises for prostatitis, carried out under the strict guidance of a professional, can bring considerable benefits to the male body.


Fitball (not to be confused with "football"! ) Is a kind of aerobics (fitness) where it uses a large (up to a meter in diameter) ball. Fitball organically complements aerobics, adding a power factor to it. Fitball allows you to achieve weight loss in a fairly short time. This quality attracts many people to this type of fitness. Obesity is a factor that significantly aggravates the course of prostatitis. Having got rid of excess weight, you can proceed to the usual exercises from the exercise therapy complexes for prostatitis. What exercises for prostatitis are there in fitball? Let's list them:

  • Rotation of the pelvis on the ball. The ball should be slightly deflated, inelastic. They sit on the ball with their legs stretched forward. Then the pelvis makes rotational, alternate movements to the left and right - 5-10 to the left, then the same amount - to the right.
  • Hugging the ball with legs with a rise. The ball is hugged by the patient from the sides, then the muscles of the thighs come off the floor. An exercise can be considered effective when, during its execution, the muscles of the anus will work significantly.
  • Leg twists with the ball. You need a ball with a diameter of up to 50 cm, a larger one will not work. The man lies on his back and lifts the ball with straight legs at an angle of 50-60 degrees. The ball is clamped by the side of the feet, the legs are turned like a pendulum - to the left and to the right.

That's all. We could not find other specialized fitball exercises against prostatitis. But the fitball is good in itself, remember that excess weight is a powerful factor in the development of prostatitis. Eliminating excess weight will make it easier for men to fight an unpleasant ailment.